Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I had such an awful time when I went to SM Mall of Asia. First, the parking area was clearly not big enough since cars were making a bee line to the rooftop. Second, when we finally got to park, we were met by a mind-numbing number of people. Even without height advantage, I could clearly see how much the corridors were overflowing with people. And mind you, these were not 'beautiful' (read: half naked and classy) people. It's a good thing Rena was understanding enough not to 'make patol' my brewing tantrum and was entertaining enough to keep me sane. Still, I don't think I'll go back.


  1. Ay sinabi mo! I've been there 2x but only out of necessity (may store kasi dun ang in-laws ko). It's eerie how the place overflows with people. I can't even vomit in the CR in peace. Though I'd like to see Superman dun sa IMAX theater. Chaka masarap rin naman hangin sa may seaside. Ay oo, buti na lang si Rena kasama mo.

  2. Btw, I saw your folks during mass sa Circle C nung Sunday. I spent the whole weekend kasi at home and went to mass with my Mom.

  3. Hi Donna! Ako di mo nakita? hehehe...tulog ako sa bahay nun eh.

  4. Nothing great about this mall...I wonder why it was called Mall of Asia.


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