Monday, February 27, 2006


I'm finally rediscovering pieces of myself. I've begun experimenting with pasta again. I've tried seeking out old friends for good conversation. I've been reading books. Heck, I've even dusted off my guitar. Once I start pruning plants, I would know then that I've gone full circle. ;-)


  1. Ey neighbor dats great, good for you. Iba talaga pag inspired, naks =). Gitara? Kakamiss nga. I finally got to play too about 2 weeks ago, after a looong time. Will blog about it nga soon, may picture pa ko. Prune plants? Well why dontcha?

  2. "Mainam!" bro. :)

  3. We don't know each other but - I know what you mean...I actually have this small orange book of things I must do this year. Including names of friends I want to touch-base with.

    Once I've completed my list, I'll let you know. Why am I assuming you're interested?


  4. have you considered doing new things?

    I discover your blog because we're born in the same day! ;)


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