Monday, December 06, 2004


My lowest points normally occur during this season. There's a mixture of depression, anxiety, pressure and tension. Before you 'humbug' me t the next dimension, let me tell you why.

I maintain that this whole 'bruhaha' of the Yuletide Season was manufactured by the Ayalas, Sys and Gokongweis. Strip away the shameless commercialism. Do you think the season would be half as exciting? I don't think so.

I submit that I am one of the least pretentious people that I know. Therefore, it generally gives me shudders when people all pretend to be nice to each other. It's bad enough when I see such practices in other times during the year. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

xxxxxxx Girl A walks with Boy A in a mall. They run into Boy A and Girl B.
xxxxxxx Girl A: Uyyyyy!!! How are you na??? *beso beso* Ang ganda ganda mo naman!
xxxxxxx Girl B: Ay ikaw rin! Let's get together sometime ha! Sige, see you! *beso beso*
xxxxxxx The two parties split
xxxxxxx Girl A (to Boy A): That bitch!
xxxxxxx Girl B (to Boy B): That tramp!

This kind of scene multiplies during this so-called Season. I don't look forward to it at all.

Then there's traffic.

On a more personal note, I'm also not really fond of "important dates or events". I guess it's the last hint of sentimentality in my system (I hope to completely stamp it out in the future). I get saddened by such changes. I guess this was most apparent when it turned 2000. It marked the end of a millennium (remember when it was still a hot topic to discuss whether the word had one or two n's?) It's the same thing with events. Things are segmented into pre-Christmas, post-birthday, and post-college. I prefer to live my life as one big blur with no recognizeable phases. I guess that makes me a Project Manager's nightmare.

All said, true Christmas is good. Actual Christmas is bad.

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  1. It's sad when people have to pretend to be nice to each other, especially during Christmas ...

    Which is why typically I just steer clear of the people I don't like. It really IS hard to act cool during the Christmas season, but on the other hand I hate playing one of the girls in your little scenario ("Hi, you look great, call me up and let's meet up again sometime ... bitch."

    And it is also why I have friends who I am so close to that "bitch" is a term of endearment :D


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