Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Compartmentalized Needs, Friendship and the Dream Team

A lot has been written down about the recent failure of the collection of NBA stars to grab the gold in Athens. I have noticed, however, that none of these writeups pointed the finger on the players or the coaching staff. Indeed they have tried their best given the limited time and resources to prepare.

The problem came down to selection, the critics argued, because the players were all stars. While they were not luminaries in the mold of the original Dream Team which had Jordan, Barkley, and Magic, they were nonetheless all main men in their respective teams. The lesson learned here is that a good set of individuals does not automatically translate to a good team.


Missing were the faces of role players that differed in what they gave to the team. The argument goes that a complement of talents can go farther than an overlap of talents.

Team Concept in Friendships

Let me now pluck that lesson and apply it in a socialization concept, wherein a team will be loosely compared to a balance life, while team members will represent a type of friend. I believe we all have these types of friends. Note that these types are non-exclusive. The point of writing this is just for fun so there's no sense trying to read too much into it. Enjoy!

Book Worm - This friend discusses authors and economics over rounds of coffee, while driving along the highway, or even while you sit in adjacent cubicles in the rest room. You like this friend because you pick up something new everytime you meet, from the etymology of Greek sounding words to practical means of avoiding taxes.

Athelete's Foot - Hello badminton! You share a strong competitive bond with this friend as you consistently try to outduel one another. You were probably drawn to one another by this competitive instinct. Of course, at some point you would realize that while you share grunts and groans with this friend, there is nothing intimate about it. You might find that you don't get along that well once you stop sweating.

Cultural Center - You suspect this friend vacations in Paris during each summer break because he never seems to run out of insights on galleries and musicians' biographies. He invites you to assorted Holes in the Wall, concerts and poetry reading sessions. He is probably a coffee or wine connoisseur and never (and I mean never!) speaks Text Language.

Flirt - Imbued with much wit, this friend provides a refreshing break from life's tension. There's probably nothing sexual about the relationship, but sexual undertones dot your conversations for the pure purpose of delivering good pick-up lines. The topics discussed nor the things you have in common do not have to be extensive. With this friend, what's more important is how you say it, and not what you say.

Beer Buddies - Man may have evoled and cultures may have progressed, but caveman instincts must always have a place in a man's life. Your core bond with this friend is that thong-wearing babe that just passed by or that square-necked lacy-bra-wearing waitress that just served your beer. You talk about sex, the prospect of sex, and the economic repercussions of sex.

Bank Secrecy - This friend has earned the highest trust level among all other types and could have originated from any of the others. Norms, morals and society's newest hip values are all thrown out the window. You talk to this person because whatever you may have done or are planning to do, you can trust this person to never tell and never judge. This friend has the right and probably the tendency to slap your stupid ideas silly.

Cowboy - You invite this friend when you don't want to worry about your companion. This friend has slept with you on floors, trekked with you on mountains and squeezed with you in buses. He doesn't care much about how you dress and you don't bother to impress him. He is, possibly, one of your most down-to-earth friends.

Kaladkarin - A close cousin of the Cowboy, you can conveniently drag this friend around at a minute's notice without hearing any complaints. You like this friend because you can play video games or watch a movie with him without much preparation.

Boatman - He brings the house down with his impressions and hefty supply of punch lines. He commands everyone's attention without trying and can somehow make a joke out of thin air. Magaling bumangka.

Fixated - Segue or not, this friend will force a discussion of her favorite subject or person. Crucial test: if this girl says "My boyfriend..." in the first five minutes and every five hence, you'll understand what I mean. Whether you're interested or not is irrelevant.

User Friendly - Generally undesirable, this friend seems to remember you whenever he's selling something or needs a ride or a loan. Get rid of him quick!

Gossip Queen - Get rid of her quick!

Complement - This friend is agreeable enough. You may not have impassioned similarities, but you do have co-attracting differences. He needs you for loosening up; you need him to help you organize. He needs you to calm his nerves; you need him to fire yours up.

Weather - Sometimes you're just bored of being alone. None of your other friends are present. Well you can always discuss trite subjects such as what do you do and who's your girlfriend. Well, we all have to pass the time sometimes.

Pig Pen - His role model is Little Johnny and Boy Bastos. He's played with every body part, made mention of every excretion and tried every gross act there is.

Well that's my quick list. I'll add some more if I remember any other type.


  1. So which type(s) am I? =)

  2. I thought it was obvious. One was patterned after you. ;-)

  3. I'm most probably the Flirt, but I'd like to claim that I also belong to the Bank Secrecy type---Hehehe!

  4. Sinong pig pen? nu ni nu ni nu


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