Saturday, December 24, 2016

Rabbit Care in the Philippines 9 – Diarrhea Recovery, Food Consumption & Poop Size

If you read back entries 7 and 8 from, you will know that Ethan’s on the way to recovering from his diarrhea bout. For purposes of this discussion, I’m not talking about slightly wet poop or excess cecal. There was blot of liquid poop in his mat and apart from a series of semi formed poops.

However, after bringing him to the vet again for a post recovery check-up, my vet said there was no bacteria in his poop but did observe that Ethan looked even more emaciated than before. And so we do think he went hungry because he didn’t like the hay that was offered in generous amounts.

Since that learning episode, I’ve given Ethan a very solid variety of hay (Choppy Timothy, Oxbow Oat and Oxbow Alfalfa) apart from a pellet here and there. If you look at Ethan’s picture, you’ll see that he’s just a little bigger than my hand. How much hay does he eat now? (new rabbit owners take note). Must be around 7-8 fistful of hay for a day and I could still be under shooting that. Just make sure there’s plenty of hay in the rabbit tray 24 hours a day.

I should have expected though that there’d be a lot more poop if Ethan was eating right. To give you an idea of how much you should expect, this shot is for the night (8 hours estimate). Also take note of the size and color. These are really good samples. I kept congratulating Ethan on a job well done.

And so I am hopeful that even though Ethan still resembles a dinosaur skeleton, that he will develop into a chubby bunny in a few months.


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