Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bound by Principle

I'm not such a political junkie. For most part I keep to myself and my bunnies. You also won't accuse me of being very good at keeping in touch. However, it is an interesting fact for me that everyone I've met through the decades that I've truly admired were active in TSM.


It's comforting that principles connect us even when contact is not there. Like attracts like. In the same way that I try to hire employees that have the same moral fiber (not always successfully okay), I will attempt to select leaders that way (unfortunately I've never picked the most popular one). I think it's the same with these folks. And it's a long shot, but I bet these are the same folks that were pro-Salonga, pro-Gordon and as a folly of my youth, pro-Miriam before she aligned with the dark side (long, long time ago).

On to happier news. I just encountered someone in FB who also wants to put up a bunny foundation!  Yey! But since this is a quarter-political post, I wonder if there will be a rabbit party-list someday. If you guys form that, I will support you 100%.


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