Monday, October 03, 2011

Low Maintenance Vermicomposting

I haven't been able to give my worms their due attention in the past weeks since I've been rather busy.  That said, my vermicomposting habits have changed somewhat.  I no longer check on my bins several times a day.  It's more like once a week now.  But guess what?  My worms are alright.
So how do I take care of my worms now?   I collect our organic leftovers in a resealable bin.  I add paper as necessary (when there's moisture under the lid) to keep the contents as dry as possible.  At the end of the week, when the bin is full of nice, sour smelling contents, I dump the contents on several layers of whole newspaper sheets (about 3 to keep the dampness from getting through).  Afterwards, I wrap the contents nice and tight and then I dump the newspaper package into one of my flow through trays. 

I transfer about half of the contents of the tray to another tray since the tray contents go down by about half in a week so that my newspaper package has somewhere to go.   I rarely add moisture now since it's been raining.  The worms take care of migration on their own.  That's about it.  Zero organic waste with minimal effort.  

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