Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen Scraps Mulch - Update 4

It's been a few months since I put kitchen scraps as reverse mulch (bottom of the pot) under my habanero.  Then I put a couple of African Nightcrawlers along with the scraps.  I wanted to see if the ANCs would survive in the pot and turn the organic content inside the pot into vermicompost.    A couple of days ago, I decided to dig up the pot to see.    Compare it for yourself. 

If you look at pictures 1 and 2, that's show's a month's difference.  In particular, examine the amount of additional mulch on the top side of the plant.  While picture 1 shows the pot filled to the brim with mulch picture 2 shows about an inch and a half decline.  Considering that I throw in additional material several times a week, you'll appreciate how fast the organic material degrades.  Was it due to the worms?  Perhaps. 

If you compare pictures 3 and 4, you'll see a big difference as well.  Whereas picture 3 has a whole newspaper on the underside covered by a week's worth of kitchen scraps, picture 4 shows mostly humus and some worms.  Now the inside of the pot wasn't exactly crawling with worms as I had hoped, but there were still some there.  However, I've also seen that the worms migrated to some of the other pots beside my habanero as well.  That's why I have cardboard and newspaper under the pots so that the worms can easily move from a bad spot to a good spot and always have something to eat.   I think this also goes to show that if you plan it right, composting worms can survive and thrive in the sunny side of the garden.



  1. hello friend and fellow blogger, i'm also an urban gardener. i just graduated from culinary school and love gardening. you might wanna check out my blog too. fellow filipino here. where ya from? =D

  2. Just a note about the worms - assuming that they have enough food then the limit to their reproduction and growth is the surface3 area of whatever container they are in - so a plant pot which is a tall thin cylinder will never be very succesful for worms. Better to use a shallower bodaer pot - maybe a see tray?

  3. Thanks for dropping by guys! I place pizza boxes under my pots. This allows the worms to transfor from one pot to another. Some of them just live under the pots (but over the cardboard).


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