Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Summer Is Malvarosa Time!

Last summer, I bought a Malvarosa.  It was a wonderful herb.  It was very fragrant and grew steadily without me noticing and with minimal care.  So I figured the Malvarosa was a low maintenance plant.  And it's summer.  When the rains came, my repotted Malvarosa (now a big plant) went through all sorts of struggles.   I bought a couple of new ones a few months later, but none of them thrived like my first one.  In fact, the Malvarosa mortailty rate went up to about 75%. 

A few weeks ago, I bought new little Malvarosa plants.  And now they seem to be thriving again.  My guess is that having the leaves wet kills the plant one fragrant leaf at a time.  So these days, whenever I water the plant, I try to make sure that I water from the base and I do so in the morning so that the leaves have a chance to dry up before nightfall.

In a few weeks, I'll make my second attempt to propagate my new Malvarosa plants.  Hopefully, they'll be notably bigger in an a couple of weeks.   I want the make the best of this while summer is still on its way. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hello, what is the maximum height of the malvarosa? Can I plant it in a shady area, under the trees? Thank you!


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