Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reforestation and Sea Water Irrigation

Alright.  I'm changing my stance a bit.  When I was mulling about saltwater irrigation yesterday, I figured that the primary goal should be to desalinate the water to irrigate plants in an erstwhile desert.  Still a great idea.  But I think there's also a lot to be gained by lining the pathway of water with mangroves.  These trees are extremely tolerant of salt water, store carbon in their roots (they're called halophytic) and can be used for biofuel.  Did you know that Pasig river used to be lined with mangroves?  But that's another story.

To recap the simplistic idea, build a pathway from the ocean to the desert (yes, I realize that will be a long pipeline).  The water will then exit the pipe line and will be out in the open.  That's where the mangroves will be.  I hear this is also a good location for aquaculture but I'll disregard that from my original blueprint.  At the end of this path will be a catch basin.  This is where the salt fields will be.  The fields will be enclosed to permit solar distillation of the water.  The fresh water will then be used to irrigate.  I even read that the salt water can be used to humidify the area.  I'll have to figure out how that fits into my dreamland.

As you'll notice, there are no active processes here.  All can happen pretty much by themselves once the infrastructure is built.  Master plan this anyone?  This can help with reforestation, greenhouse gases,  fresh water supply and rising sea levels.  Ahhh what I would give to take part in a project  like this.


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