Saturday, April 03, 2010

How NOT to Propagate Your Poinsettia

I don't really talk about my Poinsettia a lot.  I don't find it very interesting.  Nonetheless, in my last entry, my Poinsettia has recovered and was doing just fine.  I decided to try and propagate it by stem cutting.  I took a healthy stem with leaves (about 5-6 inches) and planted it in rich garden soil.  I think I tried growing it in water before and it didn't work.  Will the soil work?

Well, the cutting wilted in a week. It was like the life was drained out totally.  That was fine.  It happens right.  But guess what?  The entire stem (or stalk) and all the leaves where I took the cutting from wilted.  In about a week, the entire stalk was dead!  The sap leaked until half of the plant just died.  Well, I guess I'm not doing that again.  Tsk.


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