Monday, March 01, 2010

Minting a Fortune

It was the best play of words I could think of.  Sue me.  ;-)

Today, I will introduce a couple of new members in my growing garden.  First of is this little Fortune Plant (if I got it right).  The scientific name is Dracaena Sanderiana.  This is my first indoor hydroponic plant (plants without soil).  Hopefully, it provides me with some psychological feeling that I'm breathing fresh air.  No, I'm sure this little bugger (shown beside the cellphone to scale) can't provide me with the oxygen I need, but it's nice to look at.  One of these days, I'll make sure to put a couple of these in the bathroom as well.
Now, as I mentioned before, I'm off to stroke my wounded gardening pride (due to all the under performing flowering plants) and will just concentrate on the plants that creep or self propagate like my Gota Kola.  So the next plant is an Oregano Thyme.  For the life of me, I thought Oregano and Thyme are two different spices.  Just ask McCormick  Well anyway, the guy at Manila Seedling told me this plant crawls so now it's my garden.  Soon it will be on my pasta.

The next two are confusing and I doubt that I will get them right.  That said, I will introduce them at the same time.

I present to you Chocolate Mint and Japanese Mint. The moment I stepped out of the seedling bank, I could no longer tell which is which.  But I will say that they are fragrant (smells like mint). In fact, I have half a mind to fill up my planned garden with these plants so I'll have minty fresh air every day. (the garden is just outside my room).   To add to this confusion, I also have some Peppermint cuttings (no picture).  If I grow them all together, I will always get confused.  It's like having identical triplets.  Before you know it, they'll be pulling pranks in the garden neighborhood and taking tests for each other.
In my next post, I'll talk about the new plot I dug up...


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