Friday, December 18, 2009

Bacon, Fishball and Old Briefs

Early this morning while eating sinangag with my omelet, I decided to cook bacon as well. I saw it last night but since meat before sleeping is not good for my renewed efforts to lose weight, I let is pass until the morning.

In the past, I always hear people request that their bacon should be toasted. Meanwhile I want my bacon soft, a little oily and salty. In the world of steaks, my bacon will be considered medium rare. Very slight crunchiness.

Quite the opposite, I always request my tindera beside the chapel na tustahin ang fishball at chicken ball. One reason for the difference in preference is probably the impression of cleanliness. Since our sidewalk fishballs are generally considered dirty, it gives me a little more security to have boil in oil a few minutes longer. The texture of fishball also seems incorrectly raw if you don't toast it.

The briefs are not really part of the discussion. It was just top-of-mind when I thought of bacon. FYI, you won't believe how much porn you'll see if you try searching for pictures of old briefs. Well, that's that for that visual aid.


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