Thursday, January 03, 2008

Old Aids

The language of the country somehow defines its culture. For example, depending on how many words you have to describe something will indicate how important that thing is to that culture. It's the same deal with expenses. The percentage of expenses allocated to a particular expense group like food or leisure also tells something about you.

In my case, my recent expensive purchases include a pair of gel support things for the ball of my feet, an ankle support gizmo and now a knee support brace. Guess what that tells about me? Sigh.


  1. Clever title. It doesnt mean anything, tripping lang pagbili ng mga yan diba ;p. Have you been injured / playing a lot, thus the purchases? I haven't really bought any "old aids" pero ang sakit na rin ng tuhod at shins ko.

  2. I think I also like to buy that gel support. Icy cool feeling (teka, ibang product 'to ah).


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