Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wrestling Moves

Since returning as a WWE fan about 2 years ago (mostly since I didn't find enough brawls in NBA games), I've really favored those that can execute a lot of moves. Really. I guess that's why I'm so bored with Batista. Apart from having no wit whatsoever, the only things I remember him doing are the Batista Bomb and the spear. In contrst, you have someone like Chris Benoit, who used to execute belly-to-belly, German and snap suplexes, a flying headbutt, the Sharpshooter and the cross face apart from many other cool moves. Edge, as another example, would perform the powerbomb, DDT, a cool neck breaker, the spear, missle drop kick and from what I heard, a submission move called Edgecator (but I've never seen it).

Apart from Batista, the other champion, Randy Orton, is also boring. I think he only knows how to do a headlock and the RKO.

I guess this is why I also enjoy watching those that pick on certain body parts. Triple H, Rick Flair and Finley would attack the leg 5-6 different ways before attempting their submission holds. That's cool to watch and it's a smart strategy.

That's that. Until next time.

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  1. Hindi halatang passionate ka about wrestling. Hindi naman gano.


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