Tuesday, July 10, 2007


One of my old wholesome fantasies is solar energy.  The concept has always fascinated me.  Why can't we gather the heat to power our homes?  It seemed like an easy enough concept.  Maybe even for cars.  You can always have dual sources: gas and sunlight.  It should shave a few bucks from your gas money, right?  How expensive can solar panels be, right?  They certainly look cooler than shingles.

So naturally, when I came upon a CNN article that they're planning to have massive solar farms in California, it intruiged me. Then I turned to a few more websites to see what the developments are.  Apparently, there is a fad towards alternative sources of energy.  Why not?  Still, I couldn't find the commercial backing that I was looking for.   Naturally, feasibility should translate to profits.  If it ain't happening in Wall Street, it ain't happening. Turns out there's a Chinese solar cell company that's registering awesome sales growth.  Well, maybe this fantasy isn't so far away after all.  In the meanwhile, I have a lot of other fantasies that I may, or may not share to the public.


  1. Yup this is cool nga. I read in one of Newsweek's issues last year (di ko na maalala yung month) about homes and even retail outlets going green / solar. In the US (California nga yata, can't remember), they've had a number of subdivisions relying on solar energy already. Galing. Wind power is another alternative source.

  2. Wind power? Imagine the collective fart implications...

  3. Yes, of atomic bomb proportions

  4. my better half used to work for Sunpower, a CA-based solar company located in Laguna. Ironic, since I on the other hand, work for a CA-based oil company. hehe!

    so my point is, alternative source of energy has long been in the country, it is just not given that much attention and importance. yet.

    next thing you know, we'll have hybrid cars (e.g. toyota prius) in pinas na rin.

    green is now the new black! :)

  5. In my previous company, I used to do some basic product knowledge and since it's an oil company, solar energy was definitely part of my discussion. What do I remember? There's one in Aklan (called sunstations) and their planning to set up another one in Palawan.

  6. Yep, it's here. But we'll know it's time when we can buy solar gadgets in SM.


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