Monday, July 23, 2007

Slow Drive Home

I'm really not a fast driver. I'd hover on that 60-80 KPH range whenever I'm out in open highway. But when I reach my street, my driving becomes a little more "deliberate". You see, for the past 5 years or so, the steet has become rockier and rockier. If there was a bank in our street and someone robbed it, they wouldn't be able to make a clean getaway. If they tried, they'd probably lose a muffler or totally wreck their shocks.

Oh well. One of these days, I'll take shots and post it here. I guess this is why I didn't vote for any incumbent local policitians during the last election.


  1. Agree! They're not even humps but craters. It really makes me wonder how the good ol neighbors can manage to see and pass through those craters.

  2. that was nicely put, "deliberate". talaga, malubak na sa inyo? akala ko yung roads sa may amin (sa st. dominic I) ang pinakamalala. i hope one of them councilors or congressmen would pave the roads soon. dapat siguro sulatan sila to remind them.

  3. You're right Donna! Your street is a contender too!


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