Sunday, June 24, 2007

Apparently, wrestling slams differ in the level of pain.  Fair enough.  But I can't understand this.  How come a Back Body Drop, which throws your competitor about 6 feet into the air never manages to result in a pin.  In contrast, Finley's Celtic Cross, which is like a slam from 2 feet, is an effective finishing move.  Here's another peculiarity.  I see Power Bombs a lot.  However, the only type that ever seems to get a pin is the Batista Bomb.   Similarly, Jake the Snake Roberts used to finish off his opponents with a DDT.  Now the DDT is a staple by Edge, Triple H and others.  But now, it never results in a pin.    Because I seem to have had the time to analyze all these, I therefore suspect I've been watching too much wrestling. 
For the record, I think Vince is alive and that he'll show up at Vengeance.


  1. Chris Benoit died -- Armie's message to you.

  2. Yeah, I know. Who will do the Sharp Shooter now? Sigh.


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