Sunday, September 18, 2005


I've been aching to write a story. I want to talk about a jeepney or bus driver who's actually a fairly good father. On the other hand, he's also a typical EDSA driver with no roadside ethics.

Then the other motorist would be patterned after me. I'll shoot and kill this driver in a mishap and I'll be so happy aftewards.

That is what I call an unfulfilled fantsay.


  1. Funny, I have been seriously toying around the idea of conducting an FGD with these bus drivers as respondents. I just really want to satisfy my curiousity on why the heck do they drive like idiots...if they are actually concerned about the safety of their passengers...or if they consider what will happen to their families if they get into an accident and die.

  2. mismo! natuto akong magmura nung natuto akong magmaneho. for all we know, maybe these guys were required to undergo a series of intensive "how-to-drive-like-a-maniac" training sessions. tapos may certificate sila upon completion.

  3. Hindi FGD kailangan nila kundi retreat para pagsisihan nila bawat cut at pagbaba ng pasahero sa maling lugar.

    And don't get me started about drivers throwing trash...

  4. hmm..i think yung pagbaba at pagsakay sa pasahero sa maling lugar, commuters din ang may fault diyan. They wait in the middle of the road and when bus stops in the middle (as in along the intersection), sakay naman ang loko!

  5. Mizmo, meron din mga balasubas sa panukli.


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