Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kevyn Nights

I listened to Kevyn Lettau last Saturday as I've done a lot of nights before. It was about ten years ago when I first became I fan. I watched her in Folk Arts Theatre not really knowing what to expect. I just knew she was a jazz artist and that was enough.

Since that night though, I've raved about her at every chance that I would get. I bought her CDs and watched her again when she came here a couple of years ago. She's also seen some time as a wallpaper on my desktop.

I think I'll write again. I'm really not in that writing mood.


  1. ano ba yan...bitin

    btw, you can find me now in

  2. naalala nga kita nung nakita ko yung poster nung concert niya...

  3. I was just wondering how come they had it at Araneta? The concert had billboards along SSHiway and Makati Ave plus i heard the radio credits during the end and it seems like it was well-advertised....i dunno...

  4. ey neighbor, ituloy mo na kuwento mo kay ms. lettau =).....

  5. I luuuuuuuuuuv Kevyn Lettau! I am forever grateful to you for introducing me to her (by playing "Sunlight" over the phone)back in college. Luv her, luv her, luv her... I saw her interview on "Straight talk" and she's as classy and gracious as you would expect her to be, from listening to her music. Luv her, luv her, luv her...


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