Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blogging About Norah Jones

I've been planning to write about Norah Jones for weeks. It's not as if I have anything important to say about her. There are just three points really: that I watched her concert, that I planned it for three months, and that I want to lay claim to Norah Jones.

I heard her first.

I'm peculiar that way. In fact, I don't want the artists that I really admire to be famous. I just want to be part of that nice, cozy fan base.


  1. SHE SAID: Hey, we watched her concert, too! And not sure if you heard, but we were one of the lucky ones bumped up to the front seats!!! So we paid P800 (discounted lower box tickets) for P15K seats!

  2. guess i am peculiar too... i go for non-mainstream artists and when everyone else seems to begin liking/discovering them, ayaw ko na.

    sakim ako eh. gusto ko ako lang me alam. hehehe!

  3. Now she belongs to Starbucks


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