Sunday, November 07, 2004

Dream Sequel

I finally watched Before Sunset. I've been wondering what was going to happen for the past eight or so years since I first watched Before Sunrise. Let me just say that it met most of my expectations. Eight years since my friend Erika wrote that I was in constant search for the perfect conversation, I realize that it's still right there on top of my list. I guess core values really don't change.

As a sidelight, I'm awfully glad that not a lot of people watched it. There's nothing like commercial success to destroy the beauty of something.

I've got to get the DVDs for both.


  1. Do get me a copy of BEfore Sunrise, ok?

  2. Sige bilis bili ka ng DVD tapos movie marathon tayo nina Erika. - Dominic

  3. And then we exchange tissues when we cry. hehehee


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