Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A Dad Moment

I have a great dad. Here's one reason why I say so. During our formative years, he would usually have us 'endure' what he called a Music Appreciation Hour. Usually done on Sundays, he would put on various classical albums (LPs and not CDs mind you) at ear-numbing volumes.

The children-folk of course would express various levels of resistance. I was a kid, so naturally I would rather listen to Toto, Chicago, Kenny Loggins and Depeche Mode. I wasn't particular thrilled hearing 'Hopiang di mabili, may amag sa tabi-tabi' (if you're not familiar with this, I will sing it for you) during lazy afternoons. I made an exception for Minuet of course since I adored the movie Short Circuit (I'm not sure if this was it. It's that movie where the computer acquired personality). Incidentally, this movie also fueled my enduring affair with computers (20 years and going strong).

At some point, my dad even half-joked that he would have music piped into our rooms to make it pervasive. Given my relative innocence then, I actually half-belived it. It would have been like a musical Big Brother.

In any case, those days are mostly done with. But guess who borrows his dad's CDs all the time now?

And that is why, dear children, you have to be forced to endure stuff that are seemingly uncool to you. Someday you will be uncool too. ;-)

Ikasa mo 'tay


  1. not just a great dad...a handsome bloke as well! :D (from my memories of college overnights at your house)

  2. Agree! Agree! And also one of your brothers...Heeheehee

  3. Well I'm sure he'll be glad to hear those. ;-)


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