Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Celestine Moment
A couple of weeks ago, Rena asked me to fax an MBA document.  While in the process of faxing,  I happened to glance at the bookshelf in front of me.  I rediscovered The Celestine Prophecy.  I read this book back in 1997 and found it totally amazing.  It was perhaps a meaningful coincidence that I saw it.  And so I read it again.
Since that time, I've observed a number of amusing coincidences, such as the times when several friends started blogging and asked me similar questions at around the same times.
As you may also have seen, my past entry regarding Ricco Renzo reminded me of my particular affinity towards Impressionism.  I also chanced upon a radio ad of Sacrilege, which I believe is a play about women in the priesthood.
I was in Podium the other day.  As I walked into the bookstore, I remembered that I wanted to buy Bill Clinton's My Life.  As it developed, however, I made an impulse purchase.  I bought The Da Vinci Code just because.  
I found the book very engaging.  I read it from cover to cover in a span of three days (which is fast for me).  The amazing thing though is that it made references to Impressionism and the role of women in the church.    How's that for a coincidental week?


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