Friday, September 24, 2004


I always read the name Bayo with the stress on the second syllable to give it a sound of mischief. That, however, will not be my topic of discussion for today. I was in Shang earlier and I noticed that the store ads were attention-getting for two reasons: captivating models and very elegant shots and effects. Kudos to Bayo's ad agency, whichever it is.

What's the term for the overall effect of a shot? My top of mind is cinematography, but I think that's used for films. Sorry. I have zero vocabulary in technical photography.

Rule of Thumb

What is the rule of thumb to determine the maximum capacity of the MRT?

If wherever you place your hand, your thumb pokes at someone's ass, then you've reached maximum capacity.

Rule of Thumb 2

What is the rule of thumb to determine your sexual orientation?

If you can't help but smile because someone's thumb is poking your ass in the MRT, you're probably gay.

Rule of Thumb 3

How do you know you're being harassed?

When by Rule of Thumb 1 the MRT is not full, yet some thumb still keeps poking your ass.


  1. I was riding the MRT from Ayala to Ortigas last weekend. It was full, because someone's thumb kept poking me. Buti sana kung mga pogi sila. Kainis!

  2. And did you catch yourself smiling as you walked home? ;-)

  3. No, man! I was pissed.

  4. Hi Chris! What's with 'bayo'? I've heard people say it in that nudgenudgewinkwink kind of way, but I don't know what it means. I always just kind of thought it was a Filipinization of "Bio".

    Also, I think I shall print out your Rules of Thumb for the MRT and distribute them to the people who ride it. I do not usually get thumbs poked into my ass, but there is definitely *something* poking me back there and it is NOT COOL.

    Wah, I do not like being an MRT sardine.

  5. Hmmm...I was actually just kidding with getting poked in the MRT. But since yours is the second testimonial about it, I now suspect that there indeed is a lot poking going on over there.

    Nothing's wrong with Bayo. It's just my green mind wandering.

  6. The MRT = Poking Hell. And I will have to quote you about there being all sorts of poking going on in there, because again, that is SO TRUE.

  7. May I just disclaim that I have never done any poking. I say that with the slightest tinge of regret. ;-)

  8. hehehe, chris has never done any poking, and he regrets it. start poking then.

  9. Exactly what I need. Positive reinforcement


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