Sunday, August 22, 2004

I've always been passionate about songs that I like and don't like.  In some issues, such as food or companion preferences, I can appreciate a richly diverse number of opinions. For music though, if I'm not enamored with it, then I think it's bad music.  After all, my musical preferences span several genres from bossanova to metal rap.  My thinking is that if a particular musical piece is any good,  I can appreciate it.  While it may never make my list of favorites, I would still recognize it as a good song.
Now let me expand the discussion from a "me" standpoint to "us".  Don't we all know of some songs that we inexplicably like yet are embarrassed to admit?  Mentally, we can assess the lyrics as shallow or downright crappy, but for some reason the song makes a somewhat "emotional" connection.  In a continuum, these are not the downright cheesy songs; these are the borderline cheesy songs
Take for the example Hoobastank's "The Reason".  Months ago when it was introduced in the K-Lite playlist, I liked it instantly.  I looked for the lyrics and chords and sang my heart out in my room.  Months ago.  Now the group has decided to tour based on this one hit and I hear this song practically everywhere.  Just like that, I have begun reevaluating my perception of this song. 
And then there's "Someday We'll Know" by the New Radicals. I really liked this song.  I used to drum along when I listened to it every morning for several weeks.  I held the New Radicals in similar regard to Goo Goo Dolls or the Spin Doctors.  But then Mandy Moore sang it.  Heavens. Mandy Moore???  That triggered a paradigm shift.  The song's cheese factor increased exponentially.  All of a sudden, I can't sing it without disclaiming that I'm singing the New Radicals' version. 
Finally, there are the undeniably, unequivocally, undoubtedly cheese songs that I like.  Take for example Billy Vera's "At this Moment".  Consider these lyrics:
What do you think,
I would give at this moment,
If you stay I'd subtract twenty years from my life..
I'd fall down on my knees,
Kiss the ground that you walk on,
If I could just hold you again..
Isn't that pure unadulterated cheese?  Why do I like it?  Well, in one of the last Family Ties episode that I watched, this was the theme when Alex and Ellen were separating.  I was in grade 6 at the time, I think.  (when?  let's just say having cable was still an aspiration then, having a UHF channel was something to talk about, and watching NBA games was a privilege)  For some reason, the song just stayed with me.  Perhaps it was because I idolized Alex' witticisms. 
And that ends my spirited discussion on cheese.  Until next time.


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