Friday, May 21, 2004

This Election

I voted for Bro. Eddie. He has a platform, has a track record of proven leadership, is competent and morally upright. It was a no-brainer considering the other candidates.

GMA is a waste. She had a fairly positive reputation when she first ran as senator. From a top choice to a lesser evil - how does that happen in a matter of years. There's Mike Arroyo being so involved. There are the relatives that keep running (political dynasties symbolize the trapo that we all abhor). There's the lack of political will (whatever happened to the rebellion charges against the EDSA III Sugod proponents?) Lastly, there's the shameless behavior like backing down on her word and all those pseudo-public service ads.

Lacson has a number of good points. He's straight, disciplined and forceful. But then again, he's a rumored executioner and that's just something I'm not willing to overlook. I'm betting a lot more people would have voted for him had that not been an issue.

Roco had my vote in the past by virtue of his competence and speaking ability. Unfortunately, he's positioned like Bro. Eddie and the latter has a cleaner image. What destroyed Roco for me was his association with Danding Cojuangco and the Coco Levy bruhaha.

FPJ is a no-brain. hahahaha. If he wins, well those who voted for him can have him. The rest of us will be booked on the next flight out of here.


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