Saturday, May 29, 2004

(hey I found an old poem I wrote back in 2002)


allow me to tell you of my minor tragedy
of this girl who quaintly sat right beside me

of how words swelled in my mouth yet remained unspoken
how my heart braced, yet remained unbroken

i'm a fairly average guy, who goes with the flow
but if a moment approached me, i'll take it i know

it started as an idea, but grew as i explored
the next thing i know, she was someone i adored

a someone worth knowing, a thought worth delving on
feminine, vulnerable, the type to which i'm drawn

our lively conversations, were blessed with wit and charm
it was actually quite cheesy, how these made me feel warm

so courage i gathered, the right moment must await
for me to speak my mind, for me to dictate my fate

but on the side i propogated fantasies you imbued
not your kings and queens, but perhaps something more subdued

but these were all without merit, i discovered in time
"You are mine. You are mine." was someone else's line

so nipped in the bud, this romance came years too late
why didn't you sense me coming? why couldn't you wait?

though words remain unspoken and the days that pass are long
if we ran into each other, you'd say nothing was wrong

of course not you silly girl, cause you don't suspect a thing
isn't this amusing? this line rhymes with 'fling'.

but no, we'll have no discussions along that line
well, perhaps except if we have a little too much wine

knowing what's right and wrong, a part still wants to declare
in a tragic way, i guess it's my comfort if you're aware

it's that chance to catch a hint of malice in your eye
or to read all sorts of signals with your solitary sigh

don't think me pathetic, you see this girl makes sense
you don't find that too often, i'm caught up hence

she has a cause, she has a calling, these rare traits i found
and that vulnerable voice of hers is my favorite sound

but lest i let my imagination again escape
and in your head this woman's face takes shape

let me pause for this day, allow me this discretion
just know that one day, her heart will have my impression


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