Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Count

They're still debating on how the count should proceed in Congress. It seems that everytime I watch a Congressional session, I hear congressmen nitpicking about words, always seemingly unmindful of the time and effort spent in the process. This type of behavior clearly represents the a case of "seeing the trees and not the forest".

Perhaps someone more forceful should preside. I see this type of behavior in my MBA classes all the time. There will never be a lack of students who recite merely for the sake of it. There will always be students who have no points to raise, only words to say. Once in a while though, there will be a professor who takes no crap and puts such students in their proper places (outside the room). Maybe the speaker of the house should do this.

Here's a thought. Maybe we can vote off grandstanding congressmen much like its done on American Idol. ;-)


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