Sunday, January 11, 2004

January 11, 2004

What Of The New Year

Well I almost failed to make it into the market in time for the yearend rally. The scheduled third-quarter decline took its sweet time. I was waiting so long that it was already November when I checked my calendar. But it came. From what I've read in the past, the long-term trend has already tilted in favor of the bull. That's good news for longer-term investors. So, is buy and hold the strategy for these times? It could be profitable, but probably not the most efficient way to go.

Last time there was an actor running for president, I heard all those talks of migrating. I thought the same thing after all. In the end though, the market rallied right after the election, mostly because the public judged it as 'peaceful'. Will the same transpire this year? Let's wait and see.

But as for efficiency, I'll probably pull out of the market soon and go fixed income. At least until the next signal to buy pushes me off the bed.

Happy New Year! I have a feeling I'll be more active in updating my site from now on.


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